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Air Duct Cleaning in Aurora, IL

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The Benefits of Our Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Aurora can bring many benefits to your home. Just removing any pet hair or dander from the system can help anyone who deals with allergies. The cleaning process will also help eliminate any odors, including odors from smoking indoors. In some cases when a home is dealing with some water damage, this can lead to mold building up in the air ducts. Our trusted methods will remove those before they begin to spread even more! This helps save you money in the long run.

EcoClean Air Duct Cleaning Process For Aurora

Our air duct cleaning process for Aurora begins with a full inspection of the entire system. This is where we check all the ducts that lead to the return and supply registers. In some cases, we may even use a camera to inspect thoroughly. 

In the next step, we’ll use our vacuum system to create negative pressure. The vacuum we use is high-powered HEPA approved. We’ll also close the supply registers to maximize the negative pressure. This will allow us to clean each duct, one at a time. 

We will also be using rotating brushes and compressed agitation air whipping tools to help clean out everything including the vents. Then we’ll clean out the supply side ducts and returns to dislodge settled dust in the main lines. After all of this is finished we’ll do one more inspection to make sure everything is done right. 

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Air Duct Cleaning in Aurora, IL

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